Friday, 28 March 2014

Arsene Wenger has responded to Paul Scholes' scathing criticism of the
Arsenal team and Jack Wilshere. It is not new that many people find it
irresistible to talk about Arsene Wenger and his team's performance
and the latest criticism came from the Manchester United legend when
he was in Sky sports studio for the Manchester derby and he said
Arsenal are a million miles away from winning the title. He also said
Jack wilshere hasn't really developed because he doesn't have players
like Patrick Vieira around him to guide him. He said the likes of
Rosicky, Arteta, Cazorla, Ozil lacks discipline. However Arsene Wenger
responded by pointing out that even people who have no managerial
experience have things to say also. He said 'If six points is a
million miles
away, then I don't know what the translation
from a mile into a point is. Everybody has opinions, people who have
managed zero games have opinions and we
have to accept that.
'What you live is what you do on the pitch,
and all the rest is only opinions. We are in a
society where there are thousands of opinions
every day, and some go for you and some go
against you. You have to live with that.' Concerning Jack Wilshere's
criticism from Scholes, Wenger said 'You cannot say that,
Jack Wilshere is an exceptionable player for me who has been handicapped by many
injuries. 'Once Jack is back and consistently on the pitch, he will
prove everybody wrong about
that because he is an exceptional player - and Scholes knows that as well.'


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