Saturday, 14 December 2013

   This season, Arsenal fans are filled with so much belief that many of us do not want to hear the truth about our chances of winning the league. Some of us know and are aware of this truth but we just dismiss it as not important. This is the fact that arsenal needs to win the premier league big boys if we are to stand any chance of winning the league.
   Today we have been given a reality check. The dismal performance put in play against manchester city today only sevres to prove that the title which we have not won for years can not be ours unless the mentality of winners with which we can win either beautifully or ugly against the big teams needs to be in our system. In todays match, everything was out of place. I was only happy with the performance of one person and that is Theo Walcott. Sadly no other player played with any desire to win today. This is not a good thing at all. How could a defence that wants to challenge for honours concede 6 goals? How could the midfield be so dismantled like that except for brief moments of brilliance.
   Sadly, if arsenal fails to win against chelsea next weekend, then we might as well say goodbye to any premier league title ambition. A win will not only restore our confidence which is slowly reducing with these big match losses, it will send a signal to other title challengers that we can rise up from disappointing moments and win. Also the fear factor will return and teams will start to fear if they face arsenal. But as things stand like this, teams won't fear arsenal again unless we change. Really, we need to win chelsea.


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