Sunday, 30 March 2014

A new week is here and we look forward to facing another opposition
over the weekend. The match against Manchester City yesterday was one
in which Arsenal showed resilience to keep the premier league
favourite at bay at the Emirates stadium. Many people expected a
whooping for Arsenal as our last two matches before yesterday only
produced a point. One particular match was one which Chelsea ran riot
at Stamford Bridge to defeat Arsenal 6-0 and as Manchester City had
already won Arsenal 6-3 earlier in the season, a repeat was expected
again, but it was not to be so as Flamini scored in the second half to
get Arsenal something out of the game. A 1-1 draw at home to
Manchester City is not something to be jubilant about but it was a
relief for Arsenal fans all around the world that we got something out
of the game. This only shows how far Arsenal have failed to improve
over the years. Whenever any game comes up, there is always fear in
the minds of fans because no one is totally sure that Arsenal will
come out victorious especially when its a game against the likes of
Chelsea and Manchester City. This has led to many becoming frustrated.
Now there is a real chance that Arsene Wenger, the man who has
transformed Arsenal since he came to the club may not renew his
contract at the end of the season when his contract expires.
Now there is a contingency plan put in place to fall back on if
Arsene Wenger refuses to put pen to paper at the end of the season.
Managers who have made name for themselves in club football are been
monitored to replace Arsene Wenger. Jurgen Klopp of Borussia Dortmund,
Roberto Martinez of Everton and also Diego Simeone of Athletico
Madrid. These three managers mentioned are undoubtedly good managers.
They have all been successful in their clubs and people expect them to
do well if they move to a new club. These managers may come to Arsenal
and start to win trophies but there is also a real chance that they
may become a total flop at Arsenal. Let's take a look at Bayern
Munich. Josep Guardiola took charge of Bayern munich this season and
he has already become successful, but how many managers can perform
like Guardiola. Bayern munich, last season won three trophies and
conquered everything that came their way and Guardiola has continued
to improve the team. What I like to point out about Bayern Munich is
the fact that they already had quality and the structure needed to win
trophies before Guardiola came. Guardiola undoubtedly added to the
team and brought his own ideas and styles but the majority of the
players currently in bayern Munich now were there before he came.
Players like Arjen Robben, Frank Ribery, Dante, Lahm, Schweinsteiger,
Kroos, Alaba, Neuer, Pizarro, Boateng and others are instrumental to
Bayern's success this season. Can anybody imagine what would have
happened if Guardiola did not meet these players on ground, I can only
leave u to imagine.
Another team is Manchester United who had David Moyes replace the
hugely successful Sir Alex Ferguson this season. Last season was
successful at Manchester united but this season, they find themselves
in a position they wouldn't have thought of when Sir Asked Ferguson
was there. Many people have been pointing out that Moyes is failing
because Ferguson left him a squad filled with old and average players,
but what they have failed to discover is the fact that no manager
would have replaced Sir Alex Ferguson and would not have struggled to
deliver.Sir Alex Ferguson had control of almost every aspect of the
club and when David moyes came, he had to take responsibility and
change alot of things including training methods and the backroom
staff. This has caused David Moyes' reign to slowly pick up. Arsene
Wenger is in the same kind of position as Sir Alex Ferguson was when
he was in Manchester united. He controls almost all aspects of the
club. From training to signing players and other sort of things, he
has a say. Again, some backroom staff are only there because Wenger is
still in charge. If another manager comes in today, a lot of things
will change at the club. This will only delay our journey to premier
league and Champions league glory even though we are far from it at
the moment. This is not to say that a new manager will not do well at
the club just like I believe David Moyes can deliver at Manchester
United, but it will take time, unless Arsenal is willing to spend as
much as the likes of Manchester City, Monaco or PSG and I don't see
that happening.
Managers like Diego Simeone, Roberto Martinez and Jurgen Klopp have
what it takes to be successful at any club and a club like Arsenal
will only make their job easier but they are not magicians and it will
take them time. There is the fact that non of them have managed a top
club in England before. Managing a club like Everton is a different
ball game from managing Arsenal and the expectations are different
while the pressure is enormous. There is also the fact that Arsene
Wenger has been working non-stop to build a competitive team and I
believe he has almost gotten there despite the mauling received from
top clubs this season. Arsenal have a realistic chance of winning the
FA cup this season and it will serve as platform to win subsequent
trophies. What Wenger needs now is to loosen the strings on the purse
and strengthen the positions most important. At least four quality
players is needed in the team now and i believe things can change from
This is my view and it may be different from other people's views.
What do you think? Your opinions are welcome.


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