Sunday, 29 September 2013

  Sometimes what you expect is not what you get and sometimes you get more than what you expect. Many seasons have gone by without Arsenal winning something but this season, i have a feeling that things will be different at the emirates.
   Throughout last season, i always watch all arsenal games with my heart beating like like its gonna burst loose but now things have changed. I watch arsenal games now with confidence that the boys will deliver. The team obviously has more confidence, passion, energy and desire to win more than last season. From the defence to the midfield, from the midfield to the attack, things have changed. When i watched manchester united's game yesterday, i asked my friends if they think manchester united has a higher chance than us this season and their answer was NO.
   Ramsey and the rest are playing like they have never played before in previous seasons. They are playing so perfectly. Now this season, we have the longest serving and most experienced manager in the premier league, Many of the players can play more than 2 positions, Ozil has also joined the club. These coupled with ramsey's terrific form, the defences' cohesion and discipline, the new found scoring ability and confidence of Giroud, the ever dependable wilshere and cazorla, the experience of flamini and the high spirit of arteta, i see no reason why the team should not be able to challenge for honours this season.
    Though its a bit early to rejoice but I've got a very good feeling about arsenal's chances this season and all fans should hope for a wonderful season.
   Up Gunners!!!


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