Saturday, 22 March 2014

The match ended 6-0 against Arsenal and it means Arsenal has lost to
the three other teams in the top four this season. Liverpool had
already won us 5 to 1, Manchester city won us 6-3 and now this 6-0
humiliation. It seems we don't know how to tackle these big matches.
Today against chelsea, we were completely outplayed and outscored.
Samuel Etóo scored in the fifth minute just like Martin Skrtel did for
liverpool. It seemed Arsenal lost the script the moment those early
goals went in. The players were just running and never really making
use of the ball. Even to score a goal today seemed like a big task.
There was no clear cut chance throughout the game. I could only wonder
why it would be like that. Aaron Ramsey was the player that held
everything together and always took the game to the opposition team
but since his injury, things have been ' somehow' in the Arsenal
midfield. No player had the ability to score those goals and win those
games when needed. Theo Walcott would have been important for Arsenal
in place of Ramsey, but he got injured also.
It has happened again today, but its fast turning into something
usual. These big matches shouldn't be like this any more if Arsene
Wenger expects himself and his team to be taken seriously.


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