Monday, 17 March 2014

When Arsene wenger brought Per mertesacker to the premiership, i had
my doubts about him. I thought He was slow, careless with the ball and
never really has the agility good enough to make him a good premier
league defender. Now the " big fucking German" has proven all doubters
wrong. If Arsenal team were a football nation, the german will
undoubtedly be the minister of defence. He has the height to tackle
aerial balls which was a problem for Arsenal before he came, he has
the long legs to make clear and clean tackles even when it seem he
wouldn't be able to win the ball. He is confident and experienced and
has consistently proven since the start of this season the solid rock
he is. Laurent koscielny on the other hand has been wonderful in the
Arsenal defence since he came from France. He is fast, agile and makes
quick decisions whenever he faces an opponent. He doesn't shy away
from tackles and his pace is good enough to take on any premier league
fast running striker. All being said about these two players, it is
their partnership that makes them the best in the premiership at
present. The NLD yesterday only serves to prove this point. Per
mertesacker and Laurent koscielny yesterday were all over the place
for the tottenham players. They both dealt well with the threat from
Adebayor and bottled all the other attacking play that came from the
Tottenham side. These two have been influential in Arsenal's
performance this season which has kept us in the premiership race till
this moment. I only hope this continues.
I had no idea Rosicky goal was in the net until I saw Arsenal players
and supporters celebrating. The goal was a rocket and one of the best
goals i have seen this season. It shows how important the czech
international is to Arsenal and how me can make his presence felt in
every game he is.
Arsenal face chelsea in the weekend in a crucial match to again test
the ability to challenge for honours against top teams. In true sense,
Arsenal is performing more than anybody expected this season. Most
people thought Arsenal would have been out of the running for the
premiership title by now but yesterday against tottenham, we brought
ourselves back to within 4 points of the league leaders and a win
against chelsea will mean a lot in the title challenge. Its only a
matter of winning matches now and anything can still happen at the end
of the season.


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