Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Firstly, I would like to apologise for not posting yesterday. Today
however, while on bed in my hostel in the university, a friend and
roommate of mine came in and woke me up from my sleep with his shouts.
I got to know when i woke up that he was arguing with some people who
are not Arsenal fans about the performance of Arsenal this season.
They didn't agree with him and were tackling him from all angles. I
had to join his side in the argument not only because he disrupted my
sleep but because he is an Arsenal fan, and an Arsenal fan should
always be supported.
What led to the Argument was the fact that two chelsea and manchester
united fans were mocking Arsenal's lack of trophy for sometime and
also mocked our chances of winning the FA cup. They could not stop
reffering to the past Carling cup loss to birmingham and kept saying
wigan would do the same. I argued against them and quickly pointed out
the fact that Arsenal currently sit third on the table with a game in
hand. I also pointed the fact that we are the team to beat when it
comes to the FA cup. I couldn't win the argument though but i settled
for a tie because as we know Arsenal's lack of silverware in recent
seasons have been nothing to write home about. I though mocked
liverpool's inability to qualify for the champions league for someone
now and the most recent chelsea loss to Aston villa last weekend which
left them four points ahead of Arsenal.
Arsenal is the team and i'll always defend it anytime any day and
anywhere but the club needs start giving us valid argument points and
reasons to defend it. A win against chelsea this weekend would mean we
can have more bragging rights and be able to defeat them and winning
the FA cup would mean Arsenal can now talk wherever and whenever and
we won't be mocked for our trophy drought no more.


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