Tuesday, 1 October 2013

   Its actually poverty that makes a man wake up and think about how bad the governnent chocks people. Abi na?? Nigeria and i like every other living being, perfection and immortality is something we don't have. For this reason, it took me months to find a fitting start for this great writeup. Dada Olusegun wrote " there are about 20 million Nigerian students at home right now because of N87 billion. It was day 88 of the asuu strike(nt dat much), 20 million Nigeria students needs  N87 billion while 489 National Assembly Members (small gods) are living on N150 billion every year. Who is crazy?
In times like dis we c great writers spiting d bad side of our country and engaging in all sorts of bitter "flapapa" but am taking a different turn dis faithful year. At 53yrs old, its not going to be totally pitiful if there are sad, and good stories because nothing good comes easy.
Here are few of our great achievements;
-Nigerian ministers spend over N2billion on air ticket every year.
- There are 10 air planes in the presidential fleet gulping N9.08 bn annually.
- FG released N250 bn for capital projects 23rd of August accumulating to N850 bn in 2013 for implementation of capital projects.
Ain't we doing really good? Atleast we are juz 53 yrs of age.
One more....
-Students are home, having serious fun and getting majority of their jobless selves fat.
Its Nigeria at 53? Sir Osupa will soon start beating his drums and chanting his gibberish rhymes for some of our leaders to rejoice, dance and celebrate to this great day.
Alas!!! Who will question this great  injustice?? Who can question a crazy mad man dancing with a sharp cutlass in his hand?? Only a much more crazy man!!! The danger ahead if this persist is much more greater than what we fear now.
If this continues and we keep minding our individual businesses instead of collectively solving what concerns us all, I fear what our children and children's children will experience and face. The world will soon extinct Nigerians from their nations leaving us with no place to hide but home will always be home..

Written by- joeleerules


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