Saturday, 7 September 2013

   Oliver giroud is not in any way another thierry but with look of things and the types of players presently in the squad,oliver giroud can become a consistent goal poacher like his french compatriot.  Thierry henry was a fast,tricky and a great finisher. When he gets hold of the ball,he dribbles any defender in his way and fires straight at goal,that's thierry henry's style of play. The arsenal legend scored a combined 227 goals in his two spells at arsenal,thanks to great work from the trio of robert pires,dennis bergkamp and freddie ljungberg who make the premier league defence tremble at their pace,trickery and vision.  Oliver giroud on the other hand is a man who depends much on his physical strength. Also,he is a man who is gifted with great shot power.
   Many arsenal fans judged giroud on his performance last season which was not as bad as we take it to be. The powerful french man had over 15goals in all competition and over 10assists. Its not going to be easy to see players who have played just one season at the highest level of there career which is just France,which is not even comparable to spanish leagues and italian leagues,to come to the english premier league and find it so easy. 
   I believe this season will be better for the french man. He has adapted,the arrival of ozil means chances will always come for him to prey on. Walcott's crosses and cazorla's trickery and vision will also contribute immensely to the success of giroud this season. If he gets his game right always and make good use of his physical strength and shooting ability,this season will be a great one for him and arsenal will discover they have found a new heir to thierry henry's throne......#COYG


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