Friday, 2 August 2013

Its about a month to go now and Arsenal fc are yet to sign the kind
of player that the fans of the club all over the world have been
waiting for. Players are exiting the club but no new big signings has
been named except a potential player who is injury prone and gotten on
a free transfer.
The likes of Higuain, Benteke, and others eventually chose to
remain at their club or sign for another football club different from
arsenal. This makes me really wonder if Arsenal has really lost it.
Has Arsenal fc fallen to the extent that players ignore us for other
clubs. Or is it that the club have forgotten that we the fans are
patiently waiting for something big to happen. Eight years without a
trophy is no joke.
All this above is my view and I'm just an arsenal fan, not Ivan
gazidis or Arsene wenger and i can only wait and pray a good player
eventually signs.
In Arsene we trust.


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