Wednesday, 31 July 2013

As APC registers today as a political party in Nigeria, there is a question that every Nigerian who seeks the betterment of this country must ask.
   "Is it a credible opposition which can create a platform for good representation of the Nigerian people?" For a long time now, We have only had only one major political party, and several other minor parties who have no clout to present a credible opposition to the major party.
   APC today cuts across all ethnic groups in the country and thus is a political party with influence in all geo political zones of the country. This therefore means APC is a party to look forward to in subsequent elections in the country.
    As this is a welcome development, it is not worth celebration yet because we don't know if this party will serve the Nigerian People. WE can only wait and hope and pray that this helps to improve democracy in the country and give its dividends to the people.


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