Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Obafemi Awolowo University is fondly called by most people especially its students as Great Ife or Oba Awon University. The opinion that OAU is great and is still the King(Oba) of other universities vary, depending on who you are. As for me, OAU is king and also a chief(lesser king).
Let’s start with the quality of products OAU produce which is second to none. Students graduating from OAU can boast that they have acquired a vast knowledge in their course of study which they might not have gotten had they gone to another university. A certificate received in OAU is ‘superior’ to any certificate from any other institution. That is why it is often said that a third class certificate in OAU is equivalent to a second class or even a first class certificate elsewhere depending on the institution.
It is also not a lie when you hear a student of OAU say if you can make it in OAU, you can make it anywhere else. This is due to due the competitive environment OAU has. Interaction with other students of same and different mind-set, learning to survive in a competitive environment are part of what will help a person in future. If a person has lived with an OAU student before be it male or female, the person will know the benefits of laughing because of the sense of ‘aro’ they will put in you. Even when Basket mouth or Ali baba make jests of you, you will be able to make jest of them and overcome their comedy with yours due to the ‘aroish’ environment you have been subjected to in OAU. All these make OAU a great university and indeed a king. Even the spirit of ‘aluta’ i.e fight for one’s right is in every OAU students mind and makes its students bold anywhere they are.
Architectural structure of OAU is also second to none. From Spider building to Afrika amphitheatre, from Senate building to Faculty of pharmacy building, one cannot but say OAU has great structures. The minus here is that the buildings are getting old and the paints are fading. Also the unhealthy living and learning environment, though better than some other school in the country is nothing to write home about. There is room for improvement though.
Let me just say that aside the ugly sides mentioned above and few other ugly sides I might have forgotten and the lecturers not having compassion on their students, OAU is definitely a great place for study. If you have never been there, you are on a long thing because ‘OAU lo le sise yen!’.Get to know OAU by clicking on oauife.edu.ng


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