Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan who has been the President of this great country for a while now is still in deep slumber and it seems no one is really serious about waking him up. Time is going for God sake! Why the country is plunging into a deep valley and the leader is sleeping is what Nigerians can’t comprehend now. Barely 100days in office, the president started dreaming about tenure elongation while the country is getting hotter and hotter every minute. The Nation’s Security is zero, Electricity is zero, Education is zero, Good roads and portable drinking water are nowhere to be found and the President is snoring.
What is baffling the citizens of this great country is why the President is busy with irrelevant agenda when important issues are on ground. Let him tell Nigerians a concrete step the President has taken concerning the issues of insecurity, bad electricity, dilapidated roads and the crumbling of the education sector. Nigerians are tired of all these failed promises.
Nigeria is a great nation and we the citizens have nowhere else to call our home except here, so the President should wake up and open his eyes to realise time has gone, and we need him to act and save Nigeria. All the encomiums from the US and other Western States because they see us as an ally in Africa will not put food on the table for Nigerians. He should act now so as to make Nigerians the ones praising him. PLEASE WAKE UP MR PRESIDENT. ‘Aye o fe o’
By Firstus
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