Thursday, 27 March 2014

Everton is breathing down our neck. Though many had doubts about
Arsenal's ability to stay in contention till the end of the season,
many people especially Arsenal fans didn't think we would be fighting
for fourth place once again after such a bright and promising start to
the season. We all thought Arsenal's inability to fight for the title
stemmed from our poor start, but this season has been an eye opener.
Seven games till the end of the season and here we are with Everton
breathing down our neck. This only shows that we lose concentration
when it matters most. Maybe this is why we fail to get something out
of big matches.
The match against Manchester City is coming up now and fans cannot be
rest assured of victory. As a matter of fact, many people are
expecting Man city to win with a big margin just like they did in the
first leg. In the big matches we've played this season, we conceded
goals before the fifth minute. How do we expect to be taken seriously
in a race when we cannot even stand our ground for give minutes.
Urgent measures are needed to ensure Everton doesn't eventually get
ahead of us. That would be very bad even if we eventually win the FA
cup. Lack of concentration is a major problem having this team and
something must be done about it. It is very important that we get a
good result from the game against Man city to bring relief to the
fans. To get a good result, we must ensure no goal is conceded early.
After all said, all hope is not lost as the FA cup is still there for
us to win if we don't lose focus also. But staying ahead of Everton is
of utmost importance.


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