Saturday, 8 March 2014

As Arsenal face Everton today in the FA cup clash, there is the
general feeling among Arsenal fans that there is little hope of
winning the premier league while there is almost no hope of getting
past bayern munich in the champions league. Therefore the only
competition where Arsenal has the most realistic chance is the FA cup
and today they face Everton after a they were last defeated by stoke
city last week making it a run of five games with only two wins.
After defeating liverpool earlier in the competition, the feeling
is generally strong that Arsenal can go all the way to win the trophy,
but this clash against everton represents another important test of
the club's title credentials. Arsene Wenger while speaking to
reporters said winning a trophy this season is vital. He has
constantly talked about his desire to win trophy with the club again
and i personally think that is the more reason why he shouldn't take
this encounter today lightly. Our most potent and deadliest players
should be on the field today to ensure we dominate and win.


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