Sunday, 6 April 2014

So Shameful was the performance of Arsenal today that they were
completely overwhelmed by Everton at Goodison Park today. I have never
seen this kind of lackadaisical performance from Arsenal since this
season started. Even the matches against Liverpool, Manchester City
and Chelsea which we received the whooping of our life were not as
disgraceful as today's match. In the match we played against the
current table toppers, there was at least the fight in them till the
end of the game even if the scoreline implied otherwise. They ran and
still made some good use of the ball, but today against Everton, it
was a different story entirely. Even in those matches we were
demolished, there were still excuses of red cards and injuries and
unfavourable calls from the referee but today, there was no excuse. We
were completely outplayed and outscored. At some point, it seemed as
if we were playing with a man down. I have never watched an Arsenal
match like this this season. I always believed the outcome would have
been different for some reasons but today, in this match, there was no
fight whatsoever in the team. The defence was very bad, the midfield
could not control the ball while Giroud did not seem to recognise the
fact that his job is to score goals. Vermaelen had the opportunity to
clear the ball that led to the first goal but he decided otherwise, i
simply don't know what he was thinking. Arteta had a hand in the
second goal as he was dispossessed, he also had a hand in the third
goal as he was the scorer after sagna had been dispossessed of the
ball in the midfield. The other players whose mistake didn't directly
lead to the goal were just looking and unable to prevent them or get
one for the team.
This to me is the poorest Arsenal performance of the season so far
and unless there is a change of approach starting from the FA cup semi
final clash against Everton, then we might just end the season with
nothing to show for it.


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