Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Alex oxlade-chamberlain did not just go to Germany yesterday, he was
fantastic on the pitch. Almost all the Arsenal players on the pitch
yesterday didn't perform to most people's expectations but the 20 year
old was breath taking. Schweinsteiger had a busy time yesterday
pulling down the young English man again and again and the English man
is set to travel with England for the world cup again. As a right
winger naturally, his ability to play in the central midfield just
like yesterday only serves to boost his chances.
Mesut ozil's performance yesterday was below par again and to make
matters worse, he went off in the first half with injury. Ozil despite
a good performance against everton in the FA cup did not seem to find
his rhythm throughout the entire first half. He kept loosing the ball,
playing the ball out and misplacing his passes. Since he is out
injured now, maybe he can come back anew again.
Arjen Robben yesterday could not stay on his feet especially when
challenged in the Arsenal box. He should have been awarded a yellow
card earlier when he dived early in the second half. He eventually won
a penalty when he fell from koscielny's challenge. Arsene wenger said
later that the dutchman is a very good diver and that bayern only
progressed because the first leg was tilted in their favour.


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