Saturday, 30 June 2012

                                                                OUR OWN MUSIC
            Music according to the dictionary is referred to as sounds, usually produced by instrument or voices that are arranged or played in order to create an effect. The dictionary meaning does not consider the listener in this above definition. Therefore music according to Festus is defined “as sounds, usually produced by instrument or voices that are arranged or played in order to have a pleasing effect on the listener”. Good music is joy to the soul. This above definition is a straight forward meaning of Nigerian music.
            Nigerian music has always been at the forefront since the days when our musical instruments only composed of gangan and other traditional instruments. Music legends such as Fela kuti, King sunny Ade, I K Dairo, the great Olisadebe with his beautifully composed songs, and indeed many more which I may not remember at the moment are the pioneers of the Nigerian music which has grown into such a giant industry today. From Apala to Juju, Fuji, High-life, and now hip-hop (with naija flavour) brings nothing but joy to the soul of the listener.
            Today, Nigeria can boast of lots and lots of talented artistes who can hold their ground anywhere in the world with their music. Indeed the likes of Psquare, 2face, Dbanj, M. I, Asa and others are definitely making it big with a lot of their hits. Nigerian artistes’ fan base in some countries outside Nigeria even dwarfs that in Nigeria. It is therefore not a new thing when you see Nigerian artistes scoop international awards one after another and also get signed to international record labels.
            Just like NOLLYWOOD, the world’s third biggest movie industry, Nigerian music is also doing great. Seeing all these, we can only be proud of ourselves as a nation. At least the world knows us for other things apart from bribery and corruption which has almost eaten all the flesh on our body. So, I say kudos to our torch bearers, both established and upcoming. More power to your elbows.


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