Sunday, 9 August 2015

I've always believed in Arsene Wenger. I've always been behind him
when Arsenal went 8 years without trophy. I've been behind him even in
games where we had the lead but relinquished it. But now, the marriage
is over between us. Arsenal should do away with him or else the
English premier league will continue to elude us.
Today I watched as Westham united outscored Arsenal in a game which
many Arsenal fans thought their team will easily put balls in the net
and win the game but rather their defence was laclustre as usual and
allowed two goals to go past them. The game finished with Wenger
pacing up and down and looking concerned but really, he doesn't know
what else to do. This is unacceptable by any means. With the
acquisition of a top goalkeeper, all eyes were on us to finally make a
sustained push for the title this season but with this start,it shows
we are not in the league of the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City
and Arsene Wenger is to blame for all this.
The players on the field played with no composure. They played like
there wasn't any ambition in them. They played as if winning doesn't
matter and the manager looked on devoid of ideas and any tactical
plan. He just sat there and looked and didn't even look like he could
inspire anybody to do anything worthy of note. It is high time Arsenal
got rid of this man. His continued presence at the helm of affairs
will not take Arsenal anywhere. Unless Arsenal can change my opinion
and win the next match by at least three goals to show they can bounce
back, then Arsenal won't go anywhere this season with Wenger.
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