Tuesday, 20 August 2013

   I write today with fear in my heart. My heart rate is so fast i fear my chest is gonna burst. At the end of last season, i thought Mr. Wenger would have learnt some lessons,I thought the board would have noticed their faults. But yet the same nonchalant attitude towards transfer and towards the feeling of the fans is still the order of the day. Although we have been made to understand that we are in a good financial position where we can fiercely compete for players of high calibres, but today nothing has happened(except Yaya Sanogo) while the likes of Gonzalo Higuain, Luiz Gustavo, Marouane Fellaini, Christian Benteke and many others have opted for other places or decided to remain at their clubs. I think it is safe to say at this point that the board, the manager and everybody concerned with strengthening the squad do not care anymore.
    I've always been an avid supporter of Arsene
wenger and his policies. For years now I've
found it difficult to criticize the manager even
when all blames should be directed at him.
Years without any trophy obviously should
have changed my stance but no, i always felt
Mr. wenger deserves respect for the success he
brought to the club in the past. However,
today I'm a changed fan. The opening game of
the season left my mouth wide open as i
watched the defeat of my beloved football
club. If we can lose to aston villa in the
season's first game, what should we expect
then when we face tougher opponents as the
season progresses. What happens when we face
the likes of chelsea, man city and man united
(can't forget that 8-2 mauling)? These are
questions the manager must answer. But it
seems Mr wenger has lost his touch. When I
read his answers concerning transfers, the only
question that comes to my mind is "is this man
in his right senses?" When he says we are
looking for quality players, I cannot but ask if
the likes of marouane fellaini, luiz gustavo,
gonzalo higuain, Wayne Rooney, Ashley
Williams and many other reported targets are
not quality players who can undoubtedly add
to the team. Has the manager forgotten that
new signings even increase the team's morale
and confidence? We are now 2 weeks to the end of the transfer window while no quality signing has been made yet and the team is filled with injured players. Even lowly tottenham has spent more than 60 million on transfers(though they will still finish the season behind us)
   Now i cannot but support the AST's position that Mr. Wenger's contract renewal
should depend on his performance in this
transfer window and the first half of the
season. We've had enough of the lies from ivan


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