Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Roars, shouts and songs from all angles as the best team progressed to
the final of the uefa champions league but the shouts and songs were
not from chelsea fans, neither were they from Athletico madrid fans
but from Chelsea's oppositions in England. Arsenal fans here in
Nigeria are the happiest tonight as they watched the team that
defeated them 6-0 in the premiership and whose manager always makes
use of any small opportunity he has to take swipe at Arsenal and
Arsene Wenger get their ass whooped. Not that many of this people hate
chelsea or that they don't want success for the team, but they are
simply tired of a manger who is nothing but a bully and who always
sees himself as better than others without showing any respect for the
people he met in the game. I wouldn't blame anybody who calls Jose
Mourinho a specialist in failure after this loss because that is
exactly the description that fits him. I for one didn't think
Athletico would be able to qualify at the expense of Chelsea but
tonight they were fantastic and they showed Jose mourinho that he is
in no way better than any other coach in football. Mourinho's season
is a failed one as he couldn't win any trophy despite the huge sum of
money he spent on transfer. He is just a failure. This guy always
finds the means to lay blame for all his shortcomings on other
people's leg. The strikers, refree, defenders, uefa, ball boy, fixture
congestion are always on the receiving end of his criticism whenever
he fails. He should learn to take responsibility for his actions
because everything always ends with the manager and though he might
have won a lot, there are still people better than him in other areas.


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