Monday, 10 March 2014

Is it only me or have people been noticing it also? Or do we know all
along but we think it is okay not to speak out. I used to read a lot
in the news how Arsenal has done this and that wrong, how even if the
team was outstanding they still end up either bad mouthing the manager
or mocking the lack of silverware in recent seasons.
This season, i can see the picture clearly. Despite the performance
of the team this season, one thing is always wrong about Arsenal in
the media. It is for this reason that i don't always read the news
about Arsenal whenever the team lose a game. I already know the
analysis will be wrong and everything willl be against the team. Even
when the team wins the analysis in the media is almost the same also.
Its always as if they didn't expect the team to win. Even as they talk
about the win, they find a way to jibe Arsenal.
Compared to the likes of liverpool, manchester united, tottenham and
others the criticism against arsenal is always biased. Liverpool have
failed to qualify for the champions league for some time now and yet
they are not as bad as Arsenal in the media. Despite the fact that
Arsenal has been consistently qualifying for the champions league
ahead of tottenham, the media still regard it as not spectacular. Even
the ever dismal performance of manchester united this season has been
taken with lightly in the media compared to the way Arsenal's very
good performance has been taking. It is almost as if the media has
been waiting for Arsenal's star signing to fail. Even when other teams
suffer a dip in form, there are always lots of encouragement and
support in the media. I think the media is suppose to be unbiased in
reporting, but evidently not when it comes to Arsenal. Or could it be
because there are lots of analysts who were associated with the likes
of liverpool and manchester united compared to arsenal.
Maybe I'm the only one that have noticed this or maybe i'm wrong or
I've missed somethings, this is my opinion. What do you think?


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