Thursday, 13 March 2014

Aaron Ramsey after weeks out is back in training and though
struggling to feature in this weekend's premier league clash against
Tottenhamwith due to his recovery being slower than expected will
definitely be available for selection in subsequent matches. This is
music to ears of Arsenal fans as the central midfielder has been
fantastic for the team since the start of the season until he got
injured and many know he is a player who can pull the team along to
score goals and get results.
For me, Aaron Ramsey is the most outstanding performer in Arsenal
this season despite the fact that he has missed quality and title
defining matches. When there was little to hope for, he always came
along to slot in the goal, create a goal scoring opportunity and make
tackles. Also, he helped in boosting the performances of the other
midfielders in the team as the DM is always assured that there is
someone to assist in making tackles and interceptions while through
his runs forward he also assists Ozil or the others playing alongside
him in the midfield as he constantly calls for ball and utilises it.
Aaron ramsey's imminent return will also serve as morale booster for a
team who just got eliminated from the champions league and needs all
the help and legs in the team to make a final push for the BPL once
If Aaron ramsey can get back to the way he was before the injury,
then winning the FA cup and challenging for the premiership title may
be a reality.


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